Every game is built on winnings and losses. When you starting your game, you should understand and come to terms with such unpleasant moments. The main thing is that you will have more wins than loses if you do everything correct. But how difficult it becomes for a player when he has 3-4 failures in a row…
If you start a conversation with a professional player, he will tell everything about his losses because he remembers them very well. Inexperienced players will boast winnings. The joy of luck is, of course, good. Professional players take the winnings for granted, as an indicator of their correct strategy and do not focus on them. But if such a player has a succession of losses, he will take up the analysis of his game and will look for mistakes. Beginners only get upset from losses, but do not analyze them.
Having asked a beginner why he lost you can hear an answer that it was his unlucky day or hour. Or he will say that he got deceived or distracted by a croupier. He will tell you anything but not that it was his own mistake.
Yes, losing is unpleasant, it’s annoying. But 100% of victories never happens, you need to come to terms with this, as with the obligatory component of the game. A person must set himself up for possible losses when he start a game. Only in this way, he will be able to control his emotions and not go on about stupid decisions under the influence of annoying emotions. Losing is part of the game. You just need to analyze and do everything right then luck will definitely come.
The casino does not like unemotional players because they do not bring money. Yes, such a player can lose today, but tomorrow he will definitely return the lost, because he knows his limits for sure. He knows how much he can lose per day. He knows what amount of bets to make and he is sure about his emotional stability.