The lucky ones have a special vision of circumstances and are ready to use a good chance, while losers are not even ready to recognize a promising chance when it is literally under their nose.
The nature of luck interests many people, regardless of age, social status, and other criteria. Scientists who specialize in sociology and psychology are seriously engaged in clarifying this issue. Many people were tested in studies on such a problem as luck and bad luck. And all of them were people who consider themselves to be lucky at an online casino.
By the way, such qualities as sociability and flexibility were included in the personality characteristic. In addition to physical condition, health state was also important. Each of these terms contains many other criteria, calculated in points, according to a special scale adopted by scientists. It would seem that nothing new, because according to the logic of things, a lucky man should have all these characteristics. Especially, if he plays online casino.
So, scientists have revealed that the most important quality of lucky people who play online casino is their fast perception of different situations, an ability to take advantage of an opportunity that no other person even notices. If a person is ready to use a chance, he is obviously lucky. This skill is similar to the expansion of consciousness because usually, such people can think more widely than their fellows can.
Just as the lucky qualities were bred, scientists determined the qualities of unlucky people who play online casino. As a rule, they have a lot of complexes, constant stiffness, low self-confidence, tension, and anxiety. These qualities do not let people perceive new opportunities that are equally open for all.
Is it possible to change your life from unlucky to lucky?
The researchers say that it is possible, but for this, you will need to change your thinking and join the group of successful people, because luck is “contagious.” So, you just need to find some lucky people and to try being friends with them. Also, you can ask them some recommendations on how to become like them.